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sleep tight good night is when the world stops and the universe is a box of cyan walls inside which you will find me with fever intense and endless and with my body hollow and transparent and just a little candlelight for heart which is hard to see, actually, for all these incandescent bulbs unnatural and nauseating but necessary, indispensable actually, these lights that burn my soul with their uncaring intensity they bind me they destroy me.

CLICK and even the cyanbox universe stops and the silence starts; silence of the eyes and the shadows looming and the shadows looming and the shadows moving about in the absolute darkness; these shadows, like rainclouds, like whispered questions, shadows of an old friend; these shadows like a tree in the forest and the forest unwhispering unmoving planted firmly in the ancient and everlasting night.

this ancient night that I have inherited and that I have suffered like a fever all this time, is all I have yet I keep it at bay with the overbright incandescent lights.

can't sleep won't sleep
nirav unsleeping in this non-night

In the dark will it start?
the slow death the red dream
just the soul; nowhere;
content and wandering
in the dark forest of the night

or will it start the thoughtengine sputtering and smokevomiting the ugly mechanical and noisy discordant rising from the gutter truly an abomination this thoughtengine; spewing and oozing from rusted pipes leaking and smelly too and it just comes to be in the ancient night the ancestral night,

pristine, with fireflies decorated,
pure, like the sound of a stream,
the silent nightforest where 
my soul would be content if not for the

unwieldy and ginormous, infested with flies this thoughtengine thoughtmuttering thoughtsputtering thick acidlike illwords strung in illsentences and singing them cacophonic in the language of sorrows and fears; making sin of the sacred; lustful eyes froglegs the thoughtengine looks at my soul and corrupts my being.